Mitch is an International business person, film-maker, community leader, world traveler, public speaker and former candidate for the Liberal Party of Canada


Mitch St.Pierre exploring ancient temples

Mitch is an international business person, film-maker, community
advocate, world traveler, public speaker, former Candidate for the
Liberal Party of Canada and now, a Website developer.

Traveling to over 40 countries in his wheelchair thus far has given him a broad view of the world. From the jungles of Colombia to the
mega cities of Asia, Mitch has experienced it all and these experiences brought him

to team up with people from regions around the world in creating a website that allows users to find all the worlds entertainment in one place,

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Mitch Has always been a part of the entertainment of the world, his first film aired nation wide on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and Current TV in the United States. Mitch has filmed in the most remote regions of the world, typically focusing on human rights issues.

Mitch has also been a strong advocate for conflict regions which is what inspired him to get involved in politics, allowing him opportunity to meet presidents such as American President Barack Obama & Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, prime ministers  and many influential policy makers.